Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nothing to see here, move along.

Just crawl out from under my rock to say hi.   I have nothing to report beside work, take multiple visits to the porcelain thrown to empty out my bowel, and going home to cooks and start cycle all over again. 

Stomach still have not recovered from multiple appendix flare ups last year and finally operation in December.  I stomach is nowhere near it is before the appendix problem in start up in July 29.  July 29 is also the last time I have a run that is more then 3 miles.   I did a 5k Turkey Trot in November and that was it for running.

You would think that without running to take up my time I would get more done.  Not the case.  My apartment is still a mess, and all my every day life paperwork (paying bills, filing, etc) are still woefully inadequate.  No running remind me why I need to run, I need an excuse to be out of the house and dealing with people in a non-work environment.  It also balance out my frustration with the depressing news on the internet.  I should stop obsessively checked the political websites, it always keep me in a angry mood.  I am spending to much money shopping on the internet without something else to take my restless energy.  

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow.  No getting my hope up I would get any encouraging news or good advise from my doctor.  I definitely have to look into getting a new doctor.  One of the item on my long list of thing to do while I don't have running to occupy my time but still don't get done.  

I been thinking of deleting this blog.  I am really bad at it.  The only reason I don't is because I don't want this to be 5th  blogs I deleted because I can't keep the discipline to spend one hour a day writing.    

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Cleaning up

Marathon cleaning session today. Get to Sebago Canoe Clue at 8:30 AM, get a fire started, start cleaning up the club. Get rid of tons of old newsletter, literature, and pamphlets. We end up with quite a crew inside cleaning it out, Mary is in charge of saying "throw it out." We make the club house decent enough for a quick lunch, tot stews and chillis were provide by two club members, and o
ther member bring different food to shares.

I was so catch up on cleaning outside I did not notice the growing work crew outside. There is Sebago members everywhere working on this and that, getting the boats untied, more off the rack, level the ground and re-position the storage rack, putting the kayaks back, large group of Sebago members picks up hundreds pound walkway segment and re position it back. Other members clean out the storage containers. A group work on emptying water from a couple of kayaks in the club boats containers, and removed wet carpets. When I left the clean up crews were getting back to work cleaning up and straightening out the rest of the ground.

After lunch I have to drive to my parents' house. My parent's basement have more stuff then all of Sebago. I don't know where to start so I just digged in and start clearing thing out. My sister, her husband Tony and their dog stop by with foods. Tony helped out out in the basement then they have to leave. My older brother finally arrive from Manhattan by then so he help when my sister and her husband leave. All in all we make good progress. It is 40% done. My father have to do there rest - decide what he want to keep and what we can throw away. I decided I have enough by 6PM just want to go home and take a shower. That and we went out of room in the front of the house for the garbages. I drove my brother to the F train station so he can make his way back to Chinatown in Manhattan. He is coming back to help my parents out on Sunday.

Spend a good hours when I get home getting all the Sebago photo our of the photo book and rinsing them of. I dry them in the oven at 150 Degree.  I put too many layers on the first batch and they never dry right. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Live as a Draft Animal

The new swimming dock project finally get off the ground this weekend.   Well, at leas the visible part of it.  I am sure Pete and everyone else been working on it for a while.   My contribution to the project is to provide what little muscle power I can on Saturday. This involve moving 16 feet lumbers from the top of the hill down to the old swimming dock.    Me and another feller carry two pieces down at a time. It take a while for us to finally find a good solution to carrying 50 lbs of lumbers down a steep hill.  I used some paddling that I used on my car rack to transport boat and slip it under my shirt, and carry the lumber on my shoulder.  It help so much.  I was going to pass out from carrying  by the arm.  We managed to carry about half the pile down before another set of volunteer so up and relieve us.   My body is in pain right now from all the carrying.  

I should have bring more to eat and drink.  Don't expect to be working so hard. I was expecting more volunteers.  

I was pleasantly surprise when I get the the Brooklyn Bridge, no more 30 minutes, 1 miles wait to get on the bridge.  They finally clear away so of the construction.   I was so surprise that I almost miss the exit for the bridge. 

The Fall Foliage trip planned for Sunday was cancelled.  I expected this of course.   There is no way we are going on the trip considering the impending arrival of Sandy.  I was a the club much of the morning helping to prepare the club for the onslaught of wind and water then drive to my parents place to do the same.   I went to a local construction store to get some sand bags for the door.  The price was rice from $4.50 (the worker in front of the store told me) to $10 when I asked at the counter in the same day.  It was $3.50 when my father looked the previous day.  That what happen when you wait till the 11 hours to prepare, you get hosed.  But what can you do, better to spend $90 to prevent a flood basement then to risk thousand in damage.   

Friday, July 27, 2012

15 Lb X 17miles

This Friday I finally make good on my plan to run from my office to my apartment in Brooklyn.   It was the most miserable long run I have ever run.  Even at the start of the run, my first 2-3 miles was miserable.  I can place why it was so hard. It could be the humidity, the temperature (88 Degree) or the fact that I am carrying a backpack. I have done 7 miles with backpack before so I can't attributed the problem I have.  The backpack weight 15 lb - I weight it after the run so lot of it can be from the sweat. 

Overview of route
The run from my office to 38th Street entrance to the West side bicycle path include stop light and crowd trying to get home.  I wasn't planning on  a set pace so it was not that big a deal.  When I get on the West Side bicycle path, I maintain decent long run pace.  By the time I get to the 6th Street Track I was ready to quit. But I keep going by breaking it into parts.  

Finding entrance to Brooklyn Bridge
 Part 1 - Get to Brooklyn Bridge
Unfortunate getting on the Bridge is easier say then done because getting on the bridge meant running through Chinatown. These were some very slow running.    Surprising I don't get lost.

Part 2 after getting  going from the Brooklyn Bridge to Atlantic Avenue.

Part 3 is to get from Atlantic Avenue to 36 Street where I can get my train if I need to quit.

Part 4 is to get from 36th Street to my sister place on 77th Street.
Stop by sister for restroom break.
Part 5 is getting from my sister's to Shoreview Drive and down toward home.
The pace - Walked the last 1 miles
Timing and Elevation
Heart rate and Cadence

The extra 15 lb backpack really do a numbers on me. I thought I drink enough water but apparently not as much water as I lost due to sweating.   I was very tire by the 16 miles and call it quit one mile before my apartment and slow down to a walk the rest of the way.  I get home and take a cold shower.  I don't know if it is a good idea to take a cold shower right after a hot humid run.  The shock can't be good for the body.  I sleep early.   Take a dump on Saturday morning before my drive up to ACA camp.  I stomach was feeling weird but nothing to be concern about. By the after noon I feel bloated, along with periodical stomach pain. By Saturday night I heave the severe need to go to the restroom but was unable to get a bowel movement. I seat in the bathroom for a good 30 minutes, nothing so went back to bed.  I don't have any sleep on Saturday between the need painful cramps, bloating and the need to go the the restroom every 1 hours are so.  This continue all through Sunday and to today.   I may have to see my doctor if this continue for another day.  I can't even think of taking in food.  Still no bowel movement.   My hiking friend told me my problem could be because of ions imbalances.  I did not take any sport drink during my long run only water.  

Next time I need to bring along sport drink, and fuel for my long run and leave the backpack.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

To Smell the Sea Again

It have been a while since I paddled in Jamaica Bay just for fun.  Since I spend so much time up at the lake in the Summer, I usually only go out on Jamaica bay when I committed to neither leading a open paddle or teaching.  This weekend in the city was unplanned.

I did not planned on kayak on I get up on Sunday morning.  I have no plan at all other the to exchanged the CO2 bottle for my Sodastream machine.  I did not even have my paddling clothing when I left the house, but half way down the stair I decided it is a sin to be in the city on a hot day and not go kayaking and return to my apartment for a pair of swimming short and a towel. 

Derrick one the the guys I mentors kayaking in last winter pool session as there getting ready to go out so I asked him if I can tag along.    He have no plan in particular  so we just free style it.   We get on the water by 11 AM, and decide on going around Canarsie Pol instead of a longer paddle.  I am all for that, I haven't have breakfast and don't want too late for lunch.  There is also the threat of thunderstorm that weight on the decision to have a short paddle.   

It was a joy to paddle with Derrick.    We only stop once on the paddle, Derrick need to check his cellphone for a call and I need a drink of water.   Since it was almost mean low tide when we left, it was iffy if we can paddle around the north side of Canarsie Pol without going around a large marsh on that side of the Island.  I paddled in first to check for dept.   I have about 5 to 6 inches worth of water and I barely manage to scrap through to deeper water. I was surprise that Derrick with his 6'5" frame and a good 200 pounds also make it through.  

Arrive back at the bridge into our basin by 12:10, almost an hour after we left.  It was a good paddle.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Racing a race

Sub 30 minute 5 mile mean a sub 6 minutes mile.  Sound easy enough.    That mean 4 mile after the first may have to be sub 6minute mile for me to come in at 30 minutes.  I finished at 30 minutes 23 second, my personal best for a 3 miler.  I have a chance to see if I can do it on my second club point race, the NYRR Portugal Day 5miler (aka Father Day 5milers) Harder in practice because it take me at least 1 miles before I can settle into my race pace.   It help that I started out stronger then I expected, a 6.3 pace on the first mile and manage to get to 6 minutes miles by the second mile.  I was able to get 5.40  for a couple of downhill stretch without losing any speed on the uphill.  The last 1 mile was hard going.   It take all my mental tricks to pickup speed for the last 600 meters to the finish line.   It was perfect morning for a quick 5 milers, temperature in the low 60's with a slight breeze.  


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Over Schedules Saturday.

Posted on 06/28 Backdate to event date.

I signed up to lead an open paddle, and do a kayak quickstart class at Sebago's Brooklyn clubhouse.  In my mine, both item on the agenda for the day should be easy enough.  I forget I have not lead a trip since early last summer, and have not teach kayaking class since last Summer, and never did quickstart before.   But how hard can it be right.   Wrong on both count.  

I forget how chaotic it is at an public open paddle.  The last open paddle I lead was the beginning of last summer, and on that one there were only one or two off the street public guests.   I forget how much confusion there is when trying to get more then 15 never been on the water people on the water.   I did not have control of the situation from the get go.   Dot and Walter was there so I have to compete with their leadership of the group.   I get so confuse that I forget to get everyone set up in the boat, adjust foot braces, get them fitted in their kayaks etc.   So most of the people are new no one complain until we started to launch.   After a couple of minutes of confusion we get everything sorted out and one our way.    The usually larcenies of new paddlers complains on the paddle but no one capsized.   I have everyone gather up and rested a couple of time on the paddle.   It is frustrating for those who learn faster and want to go further but  I want everyone together.   I teach the more able paddlers refine strokes techniques while we wait for the slower paddlers to catch up and rest.  Elly my assistant for the trip was very helpful in keeping the slow paddlers from falling too far behind.  

I turned us back a bit earlier then I could have just to give everyone enough time to leisurely paddle back to the dock before 12PM.   We end up getting back a bit before noon.  The kayaks were all washed and return to their storage racks, and other equipment hang out to dry before in short order.    Now I have 2 hours to wait the Quickstart class I am teaching at 2PM.

After eating my lunch of take out Jamaican Ox tail stew I take the time to talk to Walter.  Walter is our Sea Kayak Chair and the wizard of Kayak Quickstart class.  He and Tony must have teach dozen of Quickstart classes last summer.   We discuss what the class material, material to cover and the timing of each part of the class.   I have a general idea of what I want to cover and how much time is need for each but finding a nature progression from one subject or skills to another.   Since this is a Quickstart class, a 3 hours class according to the ACA course description, it is hard to cut back on material to fit in the time.   I can teach each of the stroke for an hours but I get least 7 odd skills to introduce.  One of that hour is take up by on land lecture. 

I hate on land lecture.  I am the worst at speaking to a group of people. Luckily for me there were only 3 students so I can forgo a formal lecture instead go for discussion format.   EG  is my assistant for the class. She was great at give me hint as to the subject to be cover, fill in the material I forget to discuss, and lead in new subjects.   I started off with kayaks and paddles term and terminology with flash card. I have to learn how to properly us flash card as a teaching aid. We were slightly late in getting onto the water but not by much.  Walter and Dotty with two Sebago members that want to be certify to use club's boats and equipment accompany us out on the water but split up to do their things while we stay on the other side of the bridge and go over the basic stroke.

It was very windy when we get on the water.  I have to be mindful of where we were paying blow as I demonstrate and as the students practice the skills.   We went over the forward sweep strokes and practice it for a bit before going under the bridge and out into the bay.   The water is a bit choppy but manageable.  I would rate the condition a level 3 class condition, 1/2 to 1 foot wave, 15-20 mph wind.  Perfect kayaking condition but not so much for teaching preview of basic kayaking stroke.   Our three students were not intimidated by the condition thought.  They head into the waves like a pro.

The biggest problem with teaching in Jamaica Bay is trying to speak over the plane flying overhead.  I keep on having to stop speaking and wait till the airplane over head pass by.  

A couple of more skills were demonstrated and practice on.  The class end up being 5 hours instead of the schedule 3 hours but I have blast teaching it, and my three students seem to enjoy learning and playing on the water. I did a rescue demonstration, EG was rescuer and i was the rescuee in a t/x rescue.  We paddled back with Walter and his little group.  Tony have a small BBQ of burger and hot dogs for us when we get back.   I end up only getting hot dog since I was busy making sure everything is square away.   I did not leave the club till 6 PM.   It as a 8AM to 6PM day at the club.  I have not put this kind of time in at the Brooklyn clubhouse in awhile. I should find time to do it more often. 


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